Three Million Lights

The Story:

St. Augustine, FL claims one of the most elaborate Christmas light displays in the country. Over 3 million lights accompany America’s oldest city for the holidays, and tens of thousands of families flood in to see it each year . For the 2015 Christmas season, my family was one of them.

Now, for a little back story, let me say that my family is rarely together. We all have our own lives, and I, due to work, am rarely around. When we are together, it’s a quick reminder as to why we don’t typically see each other often. Funny, brilliant and quirky as they are, it’s a full dose of bickering, arguing, and the incredible chemistry of personalities that few non-family gatherings could ever hope to witness first-hand. It’s an art form, really, and frankly impresses me.

This year, however, my sister, the youngest of us (I’m the oldest of 5 children) wanted to make a memory. Something special for the holidays: ‘Let’s all drive to St. Augustine, have dinner, and see the lights….together…’

Well, it happened, and I was there to enjoy a very rare occasion when we all, in one car, in one evening, felt the holiday spirit as a family, together.

It charmed the pants off of me, and made for one of the finest Christmases of my life.

My sincerest thanks to the Laputka tribe for making this memory possible, and my sincerest holiday wishes to all of you and yours. Remember, no matter how crazy they are, they’re still your family.