After The Earthquake

A three part series of one-minute vignettes studying life in Nepal after the devastating earthquake of April 25th, 2015.

Kami The lowest cast in Nepal. Known as the Untouchables, the Kami is the metal worker and blacksmith, hated, feared and yet heavily relied upon by the Himalayan people for their skills and willingness to do dangerous work with fire and stone. In the Ganesh Himal region, in a place called the Ruby Valley, one such Kami thanklessly repairs tools destroyed by the earthquake of April, 2015. Tools that will be used to help rebuild the community that despises him.

Baje A moment in the home of a village ‘Smoke Man’, or ‘Baje’ in the hill country of Gorka district, North-central Nepal. Marijuana grows wild in the Himalaya, and is certainly abundant Gorkha. With the vast majority of homes in this area structurally unsound or collapsed due to the earthquake, people try to make the best of difficult times. And the Baje, a typical character in Hindu village life, certainly agrees with their optimism.

Naan From the jungle hills of Gorkha to the tight, dust-choked city streets of Tahmel, the well-known tourist district of Kathmandu, a family of four run a small tandoori restaurant in a garage. Every day, day in and day out, the father pounds, presses, and bakes his Naan bread in the traditional style. No education, no formal training, Naan bread is all that he knows. Through two earthquakes and over a thousand after shocks even, his bread is baked night and day, just as a ruined Tahmel, the beating heart of Kathmandu, presses on, day in and day out . And much like Tahmel, and Nepal as a whole, the Naan maker wonders at the now uncertain future of his people.